Clothes Swap Sunday, June 8th 12-5 on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine


  • Photos from the Swap at Meyers Gallery on April 10th!  It was a great event with lots of new faces from inside and outside the University of Cincinnati.  If you have images from the event please send them to me at corrinamehiel@gmail.com

    For all of those who participated thank you so much!  

    I'm currently looking for the next swap location, let me know if you would like to host a swap!  

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  • Born to Swap Cincinnati: Clothing & Accessories Swap

    Cincinnati's Meetup.com Clothing Swap group Born to Swap is having the first swap of 2013 with wine tasting tomorrow from 4 - 7pm

    To attend simply RSVP to the event.  I'll be there!

  • MFA Thesis: Clothes Swap Cincinnati

    My MFA Thesis project investigating how clothing swaps create opportunities for dialogue through the act of trading garments.

    •  Launched: Mar 12, 2013
    •  Funding ends: Apr 1, 2013

    In grad school I have been working in and out of the studio to make works that are related to place in which I'm creating small seeds for dialogue with the members of my community.  my blog from last year's work and process is objectsofobjects.blogspot.com.
    The idea of focusing on clothing swaps as the subject of my research came from thinking about the separation that exists here in Cincinnati, between the University and the City, and the people from neighborhood to neighborhood.  I have not lived here very long, and noticed the divisions immediately.
    I see clothes swap events as something I have done throughout my life as a way to purge, share with friends, and to care for others once loved things.  The concept of making clothes swap events public, and inclusive - or as inclusive as possible - not only involving women, but all genders and ages, struck me as a way to create communal gatherings, in which people could come together for a reason other than being involved in work or shopping, to engage with acquaintances, friends and/or strangers to experience unexpected intimacy.
    My thesis show will be in Cincinnati, with a reception on Friday, April 12th from 6-8.  You are all invited!!!!
    Please help me make this thesis make an impact on Cincinnati.  Your support helps me create events in places that will include the most amount of participants, a do-it-yourself Clothes Swap book, and will help me to create a large scale installation for the Thesis exhibition.  My goal is $1,000 - which will help me to organize more events, print catalogues (which I will send to you) and other costs associated with a large-scale exhibition.

  • Clothing Swap: University of Cincinnati

    Meyer Gallery location shown in red. 

    Clothing Swap: Cincinnati is series of community events that will bring people together in circles to give-and-take each other’s no-longer worn clothing.  Events are free and open to the public, and all are welcome to become involved in organizing future swaps.  The upcoming swap will be held at DAAP's Meyer's Gallery on The University of Cincinnati's main campus, across from the Bearcat stadium.  

    What is a Clothing Swap? 
    A clothing swap is a social sharing event wherein people come together to give away, and take clothes.  The swaps are held in public locations and are free and open to all.  Participants should bring any no-longer-used but still wearable clothing to give away, and can keep any clothing they find that they will use.  These events are traditionally held in someone’s home, and are popular amongst groups of women.  This concept for the Cincinnati series is to take a private ritual and make it public, allowing people to develop a new way to engage with one another, share with each other, and be involved with a physical social network. 

    Why participate in a swap?
    We always need new clothes, and someone else can easily wear the clothes we no longer use.  There are plenty of options for purging no longer desired clothes.  They can be re-purposed, given away to a friend of family member, donated to a charity, or even thrown away.  The most popular option is generally to donate unwanted clothes to collection and re-distribution agency like a thrift store.  Although this is an easy service to utilize, we don’t fully know what contribution we are really making, or who will be impacted.  It is one of many ways we have become a society that is almost totally isolated. 
    A clothing swap is an opportunity to know who may be using your no-longer worn clothing.  There is no cost so if you find garments that you might wear, you can easily take them with you. 

    When is the next clothing swap, and how do I prepare?
    The next clothing swap is on April 10th from 5-8pm at the Meyer’s gallery at the University of Cincinnati. 
    To prepare for a clothing swap, simply select any no-longer used but still wearable clothing, wash and dry them and bring them for exchange.  Please do not include undergarments or swimwear (unless new and unworn.)

    Contact: Corrina Mehiel   corrinamehiel@gmail.com